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Legal separation a reality for Joe Flanigan and Katherine Kousi

Every day, couples throughout New York decide to marry, divorce and even file for a legal separation. There are many items that need to be considered in each of these circumstances. The ideal is typically for these decisions to be carefully considered and planned for ahead of time. In the case of a legal separation, each party needs to make the best decision for themselves as individuals, taking into account what is best for any children that are involved also.

A legal separation is one way to decide if a divorce is truly what is desired or if the marriage is worth attempting to save. With a legal separation, decisions similar to those in a divorce settlement need to be reached. The couple needs to decide who will live in the family home and who will be responsible for specific expenses. Another important consideration is who will maintain custody of any children.

Last November, Joe Flanigan, an actor known for his role in the television show "Stargate Atlantis," and his wife, Katherine Kousi decided to separate. She has now filed for legal separation and has asked for child custody in addition to the payment of her legal expenses. It is unclear as to what other items are included in their legal separation agreement.

Typically, there is a period between the time in which a New York couple decides to separate and when one of them files for legal separation. If real property is involved, there are decisions to be made regarding who will live in the home or if it would be best to sell it. Additionally, analyzing financial assets, separating finances and making decisions regarding children must also be decided. It takes time to formulate the legal agreement and ensure that the correct decisions are made as each spouse seeks to move forward.

Source: hollywood.com, Joe Flanigan's wife files for legal separation, No author, Jan. 28, 2014

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